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YOUTH Supporters

E3Empower Youth Supporters are E3 Empower intern studentsWith Silicon Valley high school students

in collaborationThis is an internship program that supports ICT education projects in Tanzania. 

Youth Supporters
Silicon Valley high school students
​mutual collaboration
tanzanian students
ICT education business support
web design
​Educational contents production

​Youth Supporters Activities

In 2022, 13 students are active as youth supporters,  

​We support ICT education projects in Tanzania in the following three ways.


Production of educational contents
-Planning and producing educational contents for each team
(IT, women's rights, urban planning)
​-Content Delivery to Tanzanian Students
Write a blog article
-Writing articles on Tanzania issues or individual capabilities
​-Post on blog
Go to Youth Supporters Article
ICT project administrative support
-Administrative work support
(database cleanup, documentation work)
-Translation support
2022 Youth Supporters
[수신됨] 제목을 입력하세요 4.png
[수신됨] 제목을 입력하세요 13.png
[수신됨] 제목을 입력하세요 7.png
[수신됨] 제목을 입력하세요 10.png
[수신됨] 제목을 입력하세요 5.png
[수신됨] 제목을 입력하세요 15.png
[수신됨] 제목을 입력하세요 12.png
[수신됨] 제목을 입력하세요 9.png
[수신됨] 제목을 입력하세요 6.png
[수신됨] 제목을 입력하세요 3.png
[수신됨] 제목을 입력하세요 11.png
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