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RE100 School Living Lab

RE 100 School Living Lab

'Social Maker Academy'Starting in 2019, for out-of-school youth and non-accredited alternative school students

Social problem-solving education program Education on appropriate technology based on social value realization

It is an educational program that conducts smart technology convergence projects to solve problems in our society through the Maker Project.

 2023 The Social Maker Academy is a carbon neutral school with the theme of RE100.

It is carried out as a youth-led smart climate action project for energy independence and efficiency.

'RE100 School Living Lab' is a smart city lecture, smart grid technology practice, and project development by team.

Through this process, students monitor energy use within the school in response to the climate crisis,

You can develop and advance smart climate action projects to improve this. 

​Introduction to education

Depending on the lecture content and participant level, online/offline classes are conducted in parallel,

and customized mentoring is provided for each team's project development.

(face-to-face/non-face-to-face/school visits, etc.)

Training schedule

    [STEP1]  Smart City Lecture
    ①Schedule: Feb 25th ~ April / Online and visiting lectures at Seoul National University
    ② Details: Smart grid, energy living lab, global carbon neutral project, etc.

[STEP2]  Smart Grid Technology Practice
    ①Schedule: April-May / Online/Offline
    ②Content: Electric circuit and smart meter production practice

RE100 School Living Lab Project
    ①Schedule: May-October / Online/Offline (SNU visits and school visits planned)

    ②Content: Project development by team and customized mentoring by experts

   [STEP4]  Project Competition
    ①Date: November / Held offline
    ②Contents: Team project presentation and awards

​* Please refer to the application form for details such as participation fee

​Visiting education at Seoul National University

2022 Social Maker Academy Activities


Social Maker Academy students visited Seoul National University to explore smart city technology and take Arduino classes.

A special lecture was also given by a current computer teacher at a public high school in Virginia

and a professor at Technology College in Africa.

RE100 school mentoring in 'Dream school'

2022 Social Maker Academy Activities


We visited Seosan 'Dream School' with Nicholaus Mhusa, a professor at the Tanzania University of Technology,

to encourage the SMA project team, and provided mentoring training

to build a smart grid based on renewable energy for 'RE100' in the dream school.

Jeju Smart City Challenge Living Lab

2022 Social Maker Academy Activities

KakaoTalk_20220930_105807046_09 (1)_edited.jpg

Students participated in the 'Jeju Smart City' seminar hosted by Jeju Provincial Government and

Jeju Techno Park, in the 'Energy Prosumer Simulation Experience'

co-hosted by Seoul National University's Graduate School of Environmental Studies and E3empower.

전력거래 모의실험 포스터2.jpg

Social Maker Academy Contest

2022 Social Maker Academy Activities


The 2022 Social Maker Academy Contest was held at Seoul National University.

Each of the 7 teams presented a project to solve social problems prepared for a year

and shared ways to contribute to the development of the local community.

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