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Recruitment of KOICA Young Professionals (YP) in the second half of 2021 (closed)

[이쓰리임파워] 2021 하반기 KOICA 영프로페셔널(YP) 모집.jpg

hello! E3Empower announces KOICA YP recruitment!

E3 Power, an international development cooperation NGO, is recruiting talent to carry out international development cooperation projects 
We hope for your interest and support!

[Recruitment information]

* Place of work: Seoul National University E3 Impower Secretariat
* Working period: August 1, 2021 - February 28, 2022 (converted to full-time position following internal review after 7 months of service) 
* Salary: KRW 1.83 million before tax (salary and welfare are in accordance with KOICA YP regulations and institutional regulations)
* Recruitment field: African ICT education women empowerment project team (1 person) 
* Responsibilities :

- Africa ICT education women's empowerment project implementation (KOICA civil society cooperation project)
- Promotional materials, official documents, writing work of result reports
- Procurement of equipment and accounting management
- Business monitoring and performance management tasks

[Basic Requirements]

- A person with passion and capacity for innovative international development cooperation projects 
- ODA Young Professional (overseas office - project execution agency YP), public institution (job creation project of the Ministry of Employment and Labor) 
  Interns and dropouts cannot apply
- Unemployed under the age of 19-34 / Preferential treatment for vulnerable groups (no academic background restrictions)
- Men must complete military service or be exempted (up to age 36 when discharged from military service)


- Those who are interested in and have experience in development cooperation projects in connection with appropriate technologies
- Holder of KOICA ODA license
- A person with excellent public relations planning and execution skills for NGO and social enterprise issues
- Those who can perform duties in English 

[Document Reception and Recruitment Procedure]

* Application period: June 28, 2021 (Mon) ~ July 11, 2021 (Sun) midnight 
* How to apply: 
  - Download the application form from the institution (
  - Submit via e-mail (

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