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​Support Guide

You can become a member of E3Empower if you regularly sponsor the sustainable development of E3Empower.

​Individuals and organizations who want to participate in the activities are welcome to contact us at any time.

Shinhan Bank
(사단법인 이쓰리임파워)

Temporary support

Regular support

​Issuance of donation receipt

E3empower issues donation receipts for tax deduction to donors.

It can only be issued in the name of the donor,

and the 13-digit resident registration number must match to issue a donation receipt.

Donation payment date

Donation is automatically withdrawn on the 15th and 25th of each month, and if not withdrawn,

it will be withdrawn again the following month. 

Benefits for Sponsors

1. Provide E3empower Seminar

2. Opportunities to participate in mentoring and volunteering for institutional education projects

3. 50% discount when participating in institutional training programs

4. Delivery of regular newsletters and newsletters

​5. Year-end settlement donation receipt issued


E3 Member Seminar

The E3 Seminar is a regular monthly online meeting for members of E3 Power.

In seminars, people share ESG knowledge and network with lectures on themes of the institution's vision (Energy, Education, and Entrepreneurship).

Starting in May 2022, it is being held once a month, and through enthusiastic participation and high-quality lectures by members,

we are building a forum of knowledge by sharing the identity of E3empower.



Mon-Fri, 8-17:00

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