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​International SMART Entrepreneurship Contest

 The Smart Entrepreneurship Contest is a convergence of science and technology, social contribution, and design to encourage youth entrepreneurship and to nurture future creative manpower in Tanzania, iTEC, Seoul National University, Hanyang University, E3Empower, Gyeongsang National University has been held every year since 2017.

In 2019, at the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology in Tanzania, and in 2020, due to the corona, it was conducted online simultaneously in two countries, Korea and Tanzania, non-face-to-face.

More than 100 teams of prospective entrepreneurs will participate in this contest and compete for rankings in product technology, social venture, and design categories through their business items and product descriptions.

Tickets for the finals are given to the teams with the highest scores in each category, and the final rankings are determined through presentations and demonstrations of prototypes in front of top-notch judges.

Incubation fees and prize money will be awarded to the winning team.


​Photo of International SMART Entrepreneurship Contest

[포스터]2021 SMART_210205_송부용.png
[포스터]2021 SMART_210205_송부용.png
ICEAS 2023 Poster.png

ICEAS Conference

The ICEAS conference is to derive international development cooperation and ODA development plans and the use of science and technology in the fields of energy, water, environment, and industry for sustainable development in Africa.
It is a three-day conference attended by about 140 participants from four countries

Through this conference, Africa and Korea share strategies for international cooperation and industrialization of science and technology and share the achievements of the African Appropriate Science and Technology Center project of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Also, It establishes development strategies and presents research results in various appropriate science, and shares the technology fields for sustainable development.

In addition, we urge efforts to establish a network between organizations and companies related to international development cooperation in Tanzania and to share and commercialize the vision of the tourism industry and ICT education development project in Arusha.

The conference has been held steadily every year since 2017,

and in 2021, it was held online as a corona pandemic.

It is an international conference that draws the attention of the media,

including Tanzania's broadcasting and newspapers, every time it is held.

​ICEAS Photos

​ICEAS Conference Photos


2018 Korea-Tanzania Science and Technology Business Forum

The Korea-Tanzania Science and Technology Business Forum, held in 2018, is part of the National Research Foundation (NRF)'s science and technology support project for developing countries. 

It was hosted by Seoul National University Tanzania Center for Appropriate Science and Technology (iTEC), Society for Appropriate Technology (ASAT), Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI), E3 Power, and the Embassy of Tanzania in Korea.

Nearly 130 people attended the forum, including the Governor of Arusha, Tanzania, and the Vice Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy of Tanzania. Through presentations and panel discussions on 7 themes, science, technology and economic cooperation between Korea and Tanzania and ways to vitalize business were discussed.

At this forum, Seoul National University's science and technology ODA project was introduced, and the "Innovation Technology Complex Development Plan," the result of the KSP project of the "Science and Technology Policy Research Institute" (EDCF), was announced.

Also, discussed how to support the development of Arusha, Tanzania, and establish strategies for cooperation between Korea and Tanzania based on Korea's innovative science and technology, such as 'Smart City' and 'Mobile Money'.


​Korea-Tanzania Science and Technology Business Forum Photos


E3 Member Seminar

E3 Seminar is a regular monthly online meeting for E3 Power members.

Energy, Education, the vision of the institution, Entrepreneurship ​to the subject

It is a seminar to share lectures by topic and ESG knowledge and to network with each other.

Starting in May 2022, it is being held once a month,  

​ members' enthusiastic participation and high-quality lectures

​Sharing the identity of E3 Power Building a field of knowledge.

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