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E3empower is an international development cooperative organization that supports the economic and social independence of the community

through innovative technology and business and education programs centered on Energy, Education, and Entrepreneurship.

E3empower is a collaboration platform that enables governments, international organizations, universities, research institutions,

and civil society in developing and developed countries to collaborate.

E3Empower establishes a solar power plant for local residents in developing countries by establishing a foundation for

education through energy supply using renewable energy in African rural areas where there is no national power grid.


Also, pursuing a community development strategy that encourages self-reliance with entrepreneurship, computer lab construction, STEM/ICT and

entrepreneurship education programs, and social innovation activities for the developing nation through the supply of solar lanterns and water purifiers.

Vision and Mission

  • Non-profit corporation registered with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

  • Ministry of Strategy and Finance Designated Donation Group Public Service Corporation

  • Seoul National University Institute of Energy and Resources New Technology Industry-University Cooperation 

  • Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) civil society cooperation project partner organization

  • National Research Foundation of Korea Ministry of Education ODA 'Fostering Project for Leading Universities in International Cooperation'

  • National Research Foundation of Korea Ministry of Science and Technology ODA 'Appropriate Science and Technology Base Center Project'

  • Korean National Commission for UNESCO Official Project on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Cooperation

  • Youth volunteer activity certification agency (Dovol) cooperative operation

  • Joint operation of 'I-Bridge', a non-profit private organization

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