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Renewable Energy Utilization Education Competency Reinforcement Project

Innovation Energy Education Program (IEEP)

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Renewable Energy Utilization Education Competency Reinforcement Project
in Arusha Technical College (ATC), Tanzania
2,500 million won
Ministry of Science and ICT, National Research Foundation of Korea

Strengthening educational capabilities such as the establishment of the Department of Mechatronics at the Arusha Institute of Technology, local volunteer activities in the field of renewable energy, networking and conferences


Arusha Technical College (ATC) aims to nurture experts in the field of engineering and technology and

has a cooperative relationship and local networking with e3empower.

With the support of Hanyang University and Seoul National University, we train professors at the Arusha Institute of Technology

and open a department of mechatronics locally to promote the expansion of the Arusha Institute of Technology and foster talent.

The Innovative Energy Education Program (IEEP) is an international cooperation leading university project sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation of Korea, hosted by Hanyang University and participated by Seoul National University.


It aims to nurture talents specializing in science and technology in Tanzania by establishing an engineering convergence undergraduate course.

Project goal

Bachelor's degree
​Engineering education
Industry and regional development
​Field practice
Industry-University linkage 
Start-up support
Nurturing industrialized talents who contribute to the supply of new and renewable energy and the development of local industries


Convergence education in mechanical aviation, mechatronics, and materials engineering for ATC
Field practice using renewable energy and smart technology
Entrepreneurship, start-up education and commercialization support
Construction of a renewable energy power plant
Smart agriculture
Local industry
International organization
S.M.A.R.T​Entrepreneurship Contest
Commercialization of smart technology in connection with local industries
Establishment of an international cooperation business development platform
international conference
​ and teacher training

Photo of Project

Collaborative Networking by Institutions

Materials Engineering Major Education
Development and faculty dispatch
for engineering education
​Collaboration with Innovation Center
GKS (Government Scholarship)
​Student selection and education
​Hanyang University
IEP workshop training held
​Collaboration with related departments
​Seoul National University
Mechatronics major
Educational development and faculty dispatch
Seoul National University
​Collaboration with Appropriate Technology Base Center
GKS (Government Scholarship)
​Student selection and education
Seoul National University IGSR Collaboration
(Institute of Global Social Responsibility)
e3empower logo simple.png
The social responsibility of the IEEP and on the development of education monitoring and evaluation
embassies, academic societies,
Collaboration with INGOs and corporations
for community development
public-private partnership program design and coordination
Korea University 
​Collaboration with the Society for Appropriate Technology
Operation of Global Solar Volunteer Corps
Co-hosted ICEAS Conference and International SMART Entrepreneurship Contest
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